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Internal Communications In 2023: Opportunities - Jeffrey Hammel

Internal Communications In 2023: Opportunities – Jeffrey Hammel

As we move into the era of digital transformation, internal communications in 2023 are going to look quite different from those of today. With technological advancements and consumer trends towards a more connected lifestyle, businesses are recognizing how effective using internal communications solutions can be for cultivating collaboration, increasing employee morale and ultimately driving better results. It’s crucial that you invest in the right tools for your business so you don’t miss out on any benefits or opportunities as we progress further into this decade. In this blog post, Jeffrey Hammel covers what to consider when investing in an internal communication solution and explores some of the most promising possibilities available now that you can use to improve your organization’s performance immediately!


Jeffrey Hammel Lists The Opportunities In Internal Communications In 2023

  1. Digital Workplace Platforms: According to Jeffrey Hammel, companies should look to create a digital workplace platform that is tailored to their specific needs and objectives. By leveraging advanced technologies such as AI, natural language processing, analytics, and automation, organizations can customize the employee experience to be more efficient, engaging and collaborative. A comprehensive digital workplace platform will provide employees with access to relevant information quickly and efficiently while also improving internal processes by streamlining communication channels, reducing manual tasks, optimizing workflow procedures and enabling self-service capabilities.


  1. Employee Engagement Strategies: With an increasing number of employees now working remotely or in hybrid models, it is vital for companies to create effective employee engagement strategies that foster collaboration and connection between colleagues across different locations. Enhanced internal communications tools, such as video conferencing and messaging services, can help to facilitate more meaningful interactions between employees. Companies should also explore initiatives such as virtual team building activities, remote-friendly social events, and personalized recognition programs to build stronger relationships among dispersed teams.


  1. Collaboration Solutions: As the workspace continues to evolve, organizations need to find new ways of facilitating collaboration that does not involve physical meetings or gatherings. Tools like project management software and collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly popular for helping teams communicate efficiently and stay on track with their objectives. Companies should consider investing in these solutions so that their teams can easily access shared documents, assign tasks, collaborate on projects in real-time and work together from any location across the world.


  1. Automation: With the ever-growing number of internal communications tasks, companies, as per Jeffrey Hammel, should look to automate certain processes to save time and resources. Automated solutions can be used for various activities such as employee onboarding, content distribution, performance reviews and scheduling training sessions. By reducing manual administration work and streamlining existing procedures, organizations can improve the efficiency of their internal communications system. Additionally, automation can help to ensure that any critical information is quickly sent out to the right people at the right time while helping teams make more informed decisions.



  1. 94% of employees believe that technology can help increase collaboration and productivity within organizations.
  2. In 2023, 69% of companies are expected to use digital workplace platforms for improved internal communication operations.
  3. Automating mundane tasks is estimated to save businesses an average of 20-25 hours per month in time spent on manual labor.


Jeffrey Hammel’s Concluding Thoughts

These four opportunities in internal communication that Jeffrey Hammel mentions here will help build an effective foundation for companies looking to succeed in 2023 and beyond. Leveraging digital workplace platforms will enable organizations to provide a better employee